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Seatrade Group directors have been in the Food Industry since 1972. During this period, they succeeded in building an extensive network of global suppliers and buyers around the globe.

At Seatrade Group , simply meeting industry standards is not good enough.
As an integral part of our corporate philosophy, we have established our own higher standards for safety and traceability.
We are constantly engaging the newest ideas and best practices to deliver a higher level of quality.
We strive for constant improvement.

Seafood QC.
Our fish and seafood come from over the world and include wild, farmed, warm water and cold water species; We always work directly with the primary processing facility. Our fish are landed from One-day fishing trips wherever possible. All our fish are stored on ice within minutes of being caught, ensuring maximum freshness.

From the boats they are delivered direct to dedicated shoreline facilities, helping speed the journey from the sea through processing and on to export. At Seatrade Egypt we insist on exacting procedures and hygiene standards at each step in the logistics chain, including the landing facilities.

Members of our team regularly visit suppliers to ensure adherence to the latest Quality Assurance criteria. In addition they will advise on issues such as quality management and monitoring factory construction, and materials and packaging requirements. This approach ensures the best possible quality, excellent traceability and assured safety on all products.

Fruits and vegetables QC
All our produce items are subjected to rigorous quality control standards by our highly professional QC team. Our aim is to ensure greater consistency and product uniformity, both of quality and presentation to meet our customers specifications. In an effort to guarantee food safety ,we apply strict hygiene standards .

Our highly trained quality control team focuses on guaranteeing all traceability of products from supplier to customer and that all products meet the high standards of our customers from quality through to packaging requirements. Our quality control Manager works constantly to improve our audit systems to ensure that all our growers and packers meet the stringent requirements of our customers and trading practices.

Our team visit suppliers on regular basis, inspecting the produce supply chain from the field to the pack house, monitoring crops, treatments, packing facilities and ethical procedures. Prior to the harvesting and packing of grapes, for example, from our major suppliers; A member of our technical team remains on site to provide guidance in order to ensure all the fruit meets our strict standards.

Our commitment to quality assurance is particularly significant during the Chilean season when we not only have technical staff on site at source but also on the quay to inspect the fruit on its immediate arrival. We are committed to encouraging suppliers to implement an Integrated Management System (ICMS) to reduce the need for pesticides. The majority of our supplier base is Eurogap accredited and has BRC facilities. We are a British Retail Consortium (BRC) accredited company.

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