Seatrade Bio

Seatrade Group directors are in the Food industry since 1972. During that period they have built an extensive network of global suppliers and buyers around the globe, We have also developed our high standards of quality control that we communicate to our suppliers. A member of our QC team is present at time of loading with most of our shipments.
Our seafood division handles substantial volumes of frozen shallow water Pelagics. Seatrade Egypt has a large market share of the total frozen seafood imports to Egypt.

Seatrade Group directors are in the Food industry since 1972.

Seatrade Group also owns, develops and cultivates farmlands throughout Egypt. We have also united with many fruit and vegetables growers in Egypt to fulfill global market needs beyond our production capacity. We work very closely with our growers to ensure that we deliver the highest quality produce to tables around the world.

Seatrade Group currently trades and operates in 6 continents and over 20 countries. With strong business networks across the globe, the company possesses the expertise to source and promote the highest quality foods.

Our volume, enables us to deliver the best value and the most competitive pricing, it also enables us to deliver the cheapest freight rates worldwide, and our years of experience enables us to negotiate delivery in the shortest time possible to help fulfill global market needs in a timely fashion.