Seatrade Group  directors have been in the Food Industry since 1972. During this period, they succeeded in building an extensive network of global suppliers and buyers around the globe.

Seatrade Group directors are in the Food industry since 1972.

Seatrade Group was founded  in 1972.  It was founded under the name of The International Company for Import and Export.  Being in the Food  industry for  almost 40 years helped Seatrade  become one of the leading global food companies.  We have developed our high standards of quality control in all areas of the supply chain.  A member of our QC team is present at time of loading with most of our shipments. 

Each  one of our shipments are inspected  by one of our QC members at various points through the  supply chain.


Our Products:

seatradegroup products,fish,Polagics: Mackerel - Horse Mackerel - Herrings - Sardines - Tilapia - Silver Hake - Silver Smelt - Grey Mullet


Polagics: Mackerel - Horse Mackerel - Herrings - Sardines - Tilapia - Silver Hake - Silver Smelt - Grey Mullet

seatradegroup products,fruits,Citrus: Oranges - Tangerines & Mandarines - Lemons


Citrus: Oranges - Tangerines & Mandarines - Lemons

Grapes: White Grapes - Red Grapes -

Pomegranates:  Asyuti, Manfaluti and Wonderful

Others: Strawberries - Cherries

seatradegroup products,vegetables,Green Beans,Spring Onions


Green Beans

Spring Onions

Peas: Snow Peas - Sugar Snap peas - Mange tout

seatradegroup products,dry vegetables,Spanish onions - Red Onions - Yellow onions


Onions : Spanish onions - Red Onions - Yellow onions

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A Must Read

Land Management:

Seatrade Group is committed to owning and developing drylands, with their rich and diverse, yet fragile ecosystems and resources, to be effectively protected and sustainably managed. Communities must derive the consequent benefits, but this is rarely the case.


seatradegroup,land management

Logistics Management Services:

Our team of professionals and the communication and tracking systems they operate are valuable resources for you to be able to plan efficiently to fulfill market needs in a timely fashion.

seatradegroup,logistics management,services

Quality Control:

At Seatrade Group , simply meeting industry standards is not good enough. As an integral part of our corporate philosophy, we have established our own higher standards for safety and traceability.

seatradegroup,quality control

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